Hot Water Tank Repair & Lining

With a 40 year history, the Hydrastone Alkrete tank lining system is known as the number one lining system for hot water and cold water tanks.

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Using HydraStone Cement Lining for Hot Water Tanks

There comes a point when service is needed in the productive lifespan of each hot water tank. Cementitious relining is recommended when the present cementitious or thin mil epoxy lining fails. Failure to reline will result in further erosion which will eventually permeate the outer steel wall. Erosion of the outer steel tank will ultimately result in tank failure. HydrastoneUSA and Hydrastone Canada provide services for hospitality, manufacturing, educational and institutional facilities. With periodic maintenance and relining you can gain decades of serviceable use, thus saving tens of thousands of dollars in capital expenditures.

Hot Water Tank Before Lining

Hot Water Tank Before Lining
A corroded and pitted domestic hot water storage tank. If the corrosive action had continued, the tank would soon have required costly replacement.

Hot Water Tank After Lining

Hot Water Tank After Lining
The finished product. An NSF approved Hydrastone cement lining was applied at a minimum 5/8" thickness, and further corrosion has been stopped. The tank was relined on site, and put back into service within 30 hours.

Using the Hydrastone Alkrete® lining system designed for potable hot water tanks, our field crews reline domestic and commercial tanks, both pressurized and non-pressurized, in all 50 US states and Canada. Alkrete® is completely resistant to virtually any condition inside a hot or cold water tank, including softened water and extremely high temperatures. With an outstanding 40 year history, Alkrete is known as the number one lining material for this application. Alkrete, handling temperatures up to 900F, is a proprietary product of Hydrastone. HydraStone is the largest field installer in North America of cementitious tank linings and engineered sacrificial anodes.

Tube Bundle Replacement

Installation of Tube Bundle

Maintaining DHW Hot water tanks for peak performance, Hydrastone's field teams also replace faulty tube bundles and sacrificial anodes when needed. With long term submersion, tube bundles eventually deteriorate, allowing water to leak between the hot water system and the boiler water system. Tube bundles and sacrificial anodes can be replaced at the time of lining to minimize downtime.

Using HydraStone Cement Lining for Cold Water Tanks

Cold Water Tank Before Lining

Old & Corroded Water Tank

Cold Water Tank After Lining

Water Tank After Lining

Large cold water holding tanks, normally used for buildings in need of large amounts of water when supply cannot keep up with demand, need periodic inspection to preserve their structural integrity. When the existing internal coatings show signs of failure, these tanks can be efficiently re-lined and quickly returned to service using either our HydraStone Alkrete® cement linings or our DuraChem 580 polylining system. Cold-water storage tanks from 1,000 gallon to two million gallon capacity or greater are no problem.

Fire suppression water tanks are subject to internal oxidation and migrational pitting when their internal coatings fail. Typically atmospheric, and large in size, these tanks provide large amounts of cold water to protect buildings from damage caused by fire. Due to the importance of this tank and amount of water damage a leak could cause to a building, it is very important to prevent severe corrosion from taking place. Using AmTech Pro-LineĀ® Epoxy Linings, our HydraStone AlkreteĀ® cement linings or our DuraChem 580 polylinings, our applicator teams can provide a quality lining system with a life span of 15 years and beyond.

Pneumatic Tank Before Lining

Pneumatic Tank Before Lining

Storage tanks, which contain both liquid and air under pressure, can be considered a hydro-pneumatic tank. These tanks are originally lined with various protective coatings to prevent corrosion. AmTech will recommend a specific coating to reline your tank along with a preventative maintenance program, which will easily double the life of the vessel.

Pneumatic Tank After Lining

Pneumatic Tank After Lining

Condensate return tanks are commonly in service under atmospheric pressure. Storing steam condensate, these tanks are high in temperature, creating an environment difficult to protect. Alkrete®, handling temperatures up to 900F, out performs other linings, making it an excellent choice for corrosion protection in high temperature environments.