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AmTech provides services in all 50 US states and across Canada

AmTech Tank Lining & Tank Repair Media


July 21, 2009: Commercial Hot Water Tanks Need Periodic Tank Lining Repair And Anode Replacement To Avoid Catastrophic Problems
August 4, 2008: Oil Tanks In And Under The Basements Of Office, Apartment, Commercial and Industrial Buildings Can Be Ticking Time Bombs
April 27, 2006: Ethanol Blended Fuels May Present Problems to Some Underground Storage Tanks
July 25, 2004: Tank Lining Upgrades For Gasoline Storage Tanks Helps Meet Compatibility Issues With Ethanol Blended Fuels
May 4, 2004: Armor Shield Tank Services Announces Double-Wall Tank Repair and Upgrade Program


December 2013: DuraChem 590 Tank Linings Tackle Harsh Containment Issues
October 2009: Lining System Resists Chemicals, Stretches with Tank - Treatment Plant Operator Magazine
June 26, 2007: Tank Lining and Repair - National Petroleum News


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Printable PDF: AmTech Tank Lining and Tank Repair Brochure in Printable PDF format
Printable PDF: HydraStoneUSA Brochure in Printable PDF format

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